Cultural description

In terms of cultural heritage, several landmarks of historical value can be visited in the two communes within the site. Thereby, in Nistoreşti there is the hermitage Valea Neagră, a national historic monument of architecture dating from 1755-1757 and including the wooden church “Adormirea Maicii Domnului” (the first place of worship in archaic Vrancea and the spiritual symbol of the villages in Vrancea mountains) and the bell tower. Also in Nistoreşti there is the wooden church “Sfinţii Voievozi” (Vetreşti-Herăstrău), built in the 18th century, one of the worship places specific for archaic Vrancea, through its architecture and size. Local events in the commune include the celebration of the patron saint of hermitage Valea Neagră (August 15) and the Winter Customs Festival (23-25 December).

The only location in Nereju commune that is included on the list of historic monuments in Vrancea County is the Monument to the Heroes of the World War I, located in the courtyard of the church. It is classified as a memorial or funerary monument and it was built in 1940.

In addition to this, the locals of the two communes are renowned for their effort to preserve and develop folk arts and traditions along generations, through continuous practice and promotion of ancient crafts, both in their own community and in trade fairs or national and international festivals.

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