Elaboration of the management plan for the site of community importance Natura 2000 ROSCI0228 Șindrilița - code SMIS 2014+ 102329
The site Natura 2000 ROSCI0228 Șindriliţa
we protect and conserve biodiversity
The project is cofinanced from the European Regional Development Fund through the Operational Programme for Large Infrastructure 2014-2020, Priority Axis 4 - Environmental protection by biodiversity conservation measures, air quality monitoring and decontamination of historically polluted sites, within the 4.1 Specific Objective - Increasing the biodiversity protection and conservation through appropriate management measures and restoration of degraded ecosystems.

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We protect and conserve biodiversity in ROSCI0228 Șindrilița
The implementation of the project will contribute both to maintaining the conservation status of natural habitats and species of flora and fauna of community interest, as well as to the awareness and information process of local communities on the rights and benefits of maintaining and preserving the current biodiversity of the protected area.
The project also aims at increasing the level of education and awareness concerning the importance of the site Natura 2000 ROSCI0228 Şindriliţa and the biodiversity conservation measures among the local community and other relevant target groups within the site.
Students Presentation Nereju Mic School (12.10.2018)
20 Oct 2018

Environmental education in schools must be a constant concern because this educational approach has a major importance in informing and enhancing students’ knowledge about the environment, the formation of an ecological behavior, awareness of the diversity and the importance of environmental issues and human actions that affect the environment. This …

Students Presentation Nereju School (05.10.2018)
12 Oct 2018

Children, from early childhood, must be educated in the spirit of respect for nature and developing a relationship of harmony with the environment, because it is a living mechanism for the proper functioning of which depends on all human activity. Ecological education and the skills to cherish and respect the …

Students Presentation Vetreşti-Herăstrău Secondary School (28.09.2018)
8 Oct 2018

On September 28, 2018, the second project education meeting was organized in Vetreşti-Herăstrău Secondary School in Vetreşti-Herăstrău, Nistoresti village, Vrancea county. 20 pupils who took part at this meeting were participating students at the first project meeting from their school, as well as new participants. For this reason, the presentation …

Thematic Trip for Students of Nistoreşti Secondary School (21.09.2018)
30 Sep 2018

The thematic trip organized in September 21, 2018 for 10 pupils from the 5th – 7th grades of Nistoreşti Secondary School, was a form of practice-applicative activity that sustained and completed the theoretical knowledge of pupils in a pleasant way. The children were transported in a natural area, in a …

The project will also increase the management capacity of the site Natura 2000 ROSCI0228 Șindriliţa.
Media partnerships
6 Jan 2018

From the very beginning, the entire initiative has received media appreciation and support, several partnership agreements being concluded in order to promote the project activities. Therefore, by the means at its disposal (whether it’s about articles, news, participation in project promotion events or social media support), each media partner will …

6 Jan 2018

We recommend: National Agency for Protected Areas

6 Jan 2018

Due both to the relatively large area compared to other protected natural areas nearby and to the diversity of habitats and species, the site has the potential to be frequented by all types of tourists: transit tourists, circuit tourists, sports tourists and hiking amateurs, cultural tourists, wine tourists (important vineyards …

6 Jan 2018

Local communities situated on or close to the site (inhabitants of the communes, farmers, fishermen, associations of farmers, ranchers, landowners etc.) perceive the Natura 2000 status as rather restricting their properties and the exploitation of natural resources of the area. Therefore, the representatives of local communities currently have a low …

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